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Import Wizard in toad data point not opening/popping error

This is weird. Because I'm trying to import tables into my database but when i click the button it does not open.
I opened the Knownexception.xml file and deleted its contents. now it pops an error when i click on import it pops an error and i'm not sure what to do next

Can you give us the exact steps that leads to the issue, and what you are attempting to do? (e.g. how many tables, what options, etc.) Vid or screen shots will also help.

Thank you for your response
Oh okay i'm trying to open the import wizard
i'll attach screen shots

@Gary.Jerep and this error pops up

Ok, not a good panel, of course. First thing's first...

  1. Have you connected to a data source first, before attempting to bring up the Export-Import Wizard?
  2. Try upgrading to version 5.2 and see if this issue continues to happen.

If none of the above brings up the wizard successfully, then this is a job for our Support folks... would encourage you to open a support ticket with them.

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thank you for your response
I'm connected to a database
and unfortunately the office i work for does not have access to toad 5.2
How would i go about opening a support ticket with the support team

Pretty easy really...

specify your product, and then complete info in the prompted fields.

Alternatively, there's also the ability to conduct a chat session from the Support pages as well.