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Where did Syntax Highlighting setting go in Toad For Oracle v12.10?

I recently upgraded from 12.5 to 12.10.

I imported my 12.5 settings, however, the Auto-Uppercase behavior while typing keywords in the editor is no longer working.

I checked and under View - Options, there no longer is a Syntax Highlighting selection under Editor - Behavior settings.

Does anyone know where the Syntax Highlighting settings are?


There’s a new “Editor|Font and Styling” page in Options. Look just below the Behavior page.



I am in a same boat and thanks for the clarification.

I would appreciate if you help me with the instructions to import old settings from 12.5.



The prior syntax highlighting and new are incompatible. You’ll need to recreate your syntax highlighting options. If you have something from the old that you can’t locate in the new send a screenshot and I can point you in the right direction.