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Where to find trigger

In schema browser table where can I find the trigger of a table?
In trigger tab, I can not see anything, I know there is a trigger for the table, and if I use Oracle sql developer tool, I can see that.

What am I missing?

If you have the Schema Browser pointed to a table on the left side, then the Triggers tab on the right hand side is where you would be seeing any trigger/s associated with a table. Snap 1.

Alternatively, you can choose "Triggers" as the object type on the left-hand side, and see which tables are associated with them on the right-hand side. Snap 2.

Are you logged into Toad with the same user as you are with SQL Developer?

If different, then one user may not have the necessary privs, either to see the trigger directly, or because the user can't access the underlying tables that Toad uses to get you the trigger info... e.g. USER_source, USER_triggers, DBA_triggers, DBA_objects, etc.

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Thanks, that is where i looked them for,

I restart the program today, and i see it . Wierd. thanks though.