Databe trigger not shown after reconnection

I have discovered a problem with TOAD version 15.1.

Whenever TOAD looses the connection and a reconnection has been performed I can see, data, constraints on the detail section for database tables but the database triggers for the tables will not be shown anymore.
Is there something I can do about it or has this been solved in a newer version?
Thanks for any hints

Have you tried the refresh buttons? I think one of those will do it. Maybe the one on the right, but if not, then the one on the left should.

Yes I’ve tried that refresh on left and right side . It wil not show.


Ahh. Yes, I just tried it in 15.1 and I see what you mean. It starts working again if you close/reopen the Schema Browser.

I tried it in version 17.1 and the problem does not happen there. I don't know in which version it was first fixed.

Ok thanks for the solution . I hope then that a new version will soon be installed .