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Why did all of my connections disappear?


I logged into Toad just now, and all of my connections were gone. I even went back in to attempt to re-import them from the XML file, and nothing was there. How do connections just disappear? Not cool.


This only happens if the Application data dir gets deleted or renamed.


It wasn’t deleted. Even when I look at the source file it doesn’t show anything was edited or modified, but the connections within that area were gone. Could a potential cause be that I still have 3.4 on this machine, and I migrated the settings over from that version into 3.5?


This also happens to me, however, it usually happens after TDP “causes a fatal error” (blue screen) and causes my pc to reboot. It probably happens 3-5 times a year so I started keeping a backup copy of the connection xml file.


All my clients (via instant client also disappeared from Toad v12.1.0.22. I saw some permission type message, but ignored it (recall something about some file being a security risk). This happened after a power failure in our office. Toad had been running for over 4 weeks. Usually I get to recover all my open edit sessions, but this did not happen. Any fix?


I’ve been getting that blue screen fatal error because of a new laptop / bad image issued by my employer. I think that explains it and keeping a backup copy is probably a good idea.