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Num Rows different on SB and OP

I noticed the Num Rows is quite a bit different between the Schema Browser and the Object Pallette.

I am running version

This is from the Schema Browser.


This is from the Object Pallette.


Why is that?

Thank you.

They get their information from the same place (in fact, the same source code in Toad populates both of them). Are you sure that you are looking at the same schema and database? The Object Palette will automatically change to the active connection. The Schema Browser stays where you put it.

Yes, I am only logged into one db and the tables only exist in one schema.

Oh, my. I just tried it in the current beta and I see what you mean. The SB is correct. Something is wrong with the OP.

When I read this post couldn’t get what the problem was.
After second reading opened mine OP and noticed that I have only names in it shown and nothing else. Adding nr rows as column, confirmed poster problem.
And the same thought tester in Dell who was testing that part. This is probably just why John said “oh my”-no one touched that. I’m pretty sure that many versions have that bug for a longer time (tried in 12.1 exists, 12.5b59 exists… have no other confirmation but guessing).
This happened probably because 99% of users, use OP as quick name reference and for nothing else (no other information just to be more clear view and shorten wide space occupation in Editor).