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Win 10 taskbar thumbnail preview shows closed dialog boxes

Just reporting something strange that I believe has been an issue in previous GA releases.

When the mouse is hovered above the taskbar thumbnail of Toad, the preview includes dialog boxes that had been opened and closed previously. At times it may show several dialog boxes that are no longer open.

For example, in the Toad editor, run a Find, then close the dialog box. The taskbar thumbnail preview includes the Find dialog box.

We had a problem a few releases back where the script cancel dialogs did this. We fixed those.

The find dialog still exists in memory even after you close it (we just make it not visible).

But I don't see it on the windows taskbar thumbnail. I only see Toad's main window (and whatever is open inside it). Are you using RDP or something like that, or just running Toad on your local PC?

I am running the latest beta on my laptop, not in an RDP session. The dialog box is not visible on the thumbnail itself, but is visible on the preview window that is raised when the mouse is over the thumbnail image. More than one cancel dialog boxes and a find dialog box were visible on the preview image earlier today. My attempts to SnagIt the region did not capture these phantom dialog boxes and after a couple of attempts the images were no longer visible on the preview window.

SnagIt seems to capture it in full screen mode, so if/when this happens again, I will be able to provide visual evidence. :slight_smile:

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