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Strange preview from taskbar


Windows 10 x64 Enterprise
When you place a mouse on taskbar icon over opened Toad, you have strange preview:



Oh I see what you mean. I have never seen that before, I don’t know why it happens. I don’t think we have to code for that, Windows just takes care of it. Maybe it is a windows bug? Not sure.


so on your windows 10 it is not reproducible?
Toad seems to be Ok until I execute Shift+F9 (query).
from that moment preview is like shown before.
later when I press Shift+F5, preview returned to normal one.

really do not know how in just one moment preview becomes crazy


No, I could not reproduce it. I don’t know why it did that for you.


do you have two monitors, and primary one on the right, with vertical task bar …this is mine conf