win7x64 + toad 9.7.x + instant client

Hello. :slight_smile:

I have a win7 x64 laptop. I have downloaded the latest “oracle instant client x86” (ver and unzip the contents to c:\oracle\bin.

I have configured the following system variables in contral panel

  1. appended c:\oracle\bin to PATH
  2. created a new entry for TNS_ADMIN and pointed this to c:\oracle\network\admin
  3. created a new entry for ORACLE_HOME and pointed it to c:\oracle
  4. copy a working tnsnames.ora file to c:\oracle\network\admin. I got the file from one of our production server.

Everytime I ran toad BUT it says it cannot find any oracle clients installed.

any ideas?

thank you :slight_smile:


Check Toad 9.7 system requirements. Toad 9.7 came out before 11gR2, so there is
a good chance these 2 are just not compatible.

well I just tried the setting up the same thing in my winxpx86 laptop at home and toad can detect the client.