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Windows 10 takes long time to start download of results

When I try to download data from results it takes a long time, 5 or more minutes, before it begins to download the results. Using 13.1 32 bit version on Windows 10.

I'm not sure what you are referring to by "download data from results".

If you mean Grid -> Rt-Click -> Export Dataset, try checking "display all results in grid" option.

With that option UNCHECKED:
The query is re-executed in a unidirectional fashion, so that as soon as a row is exported, the associated memory is released. The advantage of this setting is that very large datasets can be exported with low memory usage. In addition, rows will be processed more quickly because there is no overhead of a grid to contend with. The disadvantage is that before the export can begin, the query needs to be re-executed. This will probably about the same amount of time that it took to execute the query the first time.

With that option CHECKED:
Toad will export the data from the query that is attached to the grid. This query is bi-directional, so that you can scroll forwards and backwards in the grid. The advantage of this setting is that the query does not need to be re-executed, and export can begin immediately. The disadvantage of this setting is memory will not be released as we scroll through the dataset. For large datasets, you may not have enough memory to finish this operation. In addition, the rows are processed more slowly through the rows due to the overhead of the grid.

How to decide:

  • If your query results in too many rows to hold in memory, then you have no choice. Leave the option UNCHECKED.
  • If your query executes slowly (or you just don't want it to re-execute) and results can fit in memory, leave the option CHECKED.
  • If neither of those are true, then generally UNCHECKED will be faster.

Thanks that worked!