Windows 10 - Toad for Oracle Xpert(64-bit) is stuck with Setting global options..Application is not launching.

I had Toad for Oracle in my machine. After reboot it was not launching. Software support uninstalled and installed I have the same issue of stuck with Setting global options and application is not launching. I tried with run as administrator and did not work. We did several reboot of my machine.

Please note that all other software are working fine. I have Toad for DB2 6.1 and its working fine.

Thanks in advance for any ideas to get this issue resolved.


Make sure that the default printer you have set is pointing to an accessible printer or linked to ‘print to pdf’ or ‘send to OneNote’. If the default printer is set to a printer that is switched off or unavailable, the issue you described can happen.

Here is a link to a Knowledgebase article that addresses this:…/75810

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