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Windows 7 Debugger woes: Set Parameters, Halt Errors, Silent Fail

I recently upgraded my operating system to Windows 7 and reinstalled TOAD for MySQL. I originally had the problem with questdebug mentioned in this forum and was able to solve it with the script given in the FAQ forum. Thanks to those who contributed to it.

Now the debugger runs, but I have three problems I’ve never seen before:

  1. when I try to set parameters, the arguments are shown but the datatype is not set: the dropdown shows all parameters as “Decimal”. I change them to Varchar and set the parameters. When I come back to edit the arguments, they are blank and reset to “Decimal”.

  2. When I try to halt the debugger, I receive the following error:
    Value cannot be null.
    Parameter name: key
    Stack Trace:
    at System.Windows.Forms.Control.MarshaledInvoke(Control caller, Delegate method, Object[] args, Boolean synchronous)
    at System.Windows.Forms.Control.Invoke(Delegate method, Object[] args)
    at Quest.Toad.Util.Global.Invoke(Delegate handler, Object[] args)
    at Quest.Toad.Db.ToadDataAdapter.RaiseDone(Object sender, EventArgs args)
    at Quest.Toad.Db.ToadDataAdapter.InternalFillBackground()

  3. Finally, if there is a runtime error, the debugger fails silently. I’m no longer getting exception messages.

I’m running TOAD on SQL Community Version 5.5.15.