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Winner, winner, chicken dinner!


So, there I am, with a request to undo 15,000+ rows updated via 5 UPDATEs that were over 10K lines long each and done incorrectly, in a test environment, or we’ll need to reset the whole environment and start over – a process of a few days, with me working late into the night. Oh, and those UPDATEs were run a few days ago, but since there’s no one using this environment, it should be easy to just undo these and not the millions of other rows updated, right? GAH!

Log Miner? Rats, the last time I ran it was in Oracle v10.1…I wonder if Toad…**YES! ** I was able to unscramble those rows in <30m thanks to Toad.

One of the errant UPDATEs has been fixed logically, but now has a syntax error. This one-off fix has more than 14,000 lines and SQL*Plus tells me the error is on line 1. Bzzzt! Toad will tell me! I fire it up in the Editor and BAM! Line 1??? Nuts! Hmmm…scanning the lines visually, I see nothing. I wonder if I format this statement…A-HA! The Formatter found the problem on line 11000-something. See it in this fragment of a WHERE…IN clause?

) or FIXFIELD in (

It’s times like these that I truly appreciate Toad and the uniqueness! Thanks Toad Team for all your work! [:D]

Happy 4th to all us in The Colonies, too! [D]


p.s. Sorry if my ToadWorld email’s been bouncing. I’m one of the 4M “good” domains affected by Microsoft’s incompetent take over… [li]


Thanks Rich! We definitely appreciate hearing stuff like this. I was waiting for you to get to the part where you report a small bug! I’m glad that part never came. :slight_smile: