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Word become repeating after importing data from excel


I have imported data from excel into existing table by using TOAD. However, I realize some of my record the words are repeating. Example:

Real word : achat fourni 3eme etage bank
After import data to from Excel : achat fourni 3eme etagachat fourni 3eme etage bank

Why this matter can happen? How i want to avoid this problem?
My TOAD version is version

Wow! Version 8.6! Farah, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you - that version is very old. Maybe 15 years old? I’m just guessing, but something like that.

I guess there was a bug in our excel reading component in 8.6. As a workaround, you could save it as CSV from excel and then import from text file in Toad

If you are connecting to modern database versions like 10g or newer, you might want to update your Toad. You won’t have that problem in the newest version. 14.2 will be coming out in the coming weeks.