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Word Wrap on exported file


Hello all,

I am building an automation which should connect to the DB and by using a query extract the data to excel file and send it via email to a specific address. The problem I am struggling with is how to make word wrap on a certain column in that exported excel file, prior to sending it out?

Autofit option puts the whole text in one line which is not good for larger texts. I have tried using certain macro enabled xlsm file but with no success as I am unable to execute macros even though I have them enabled on all sides.

Can you suggest another option for achieving this?

Thank you.


I try to use “Select to File” to export data to a single Word wrap macro enabled xlsm file(notes: you can’t Overwrite the xlsm file), it can make word wrap. Could you post your *.tas fie, macro file to investigate.


Hi Qing Wei,

Your post gave me an idea and it worked. I was using Export Wizzard with macro enabled but just using Select to File worked perfectly.