Workbook output to local storage error oracle

toad data point workbook 6.0.5. this always happens when trying to output sql query builder results to local storage (first 14 lines):

I'm working on getting maintenance support pack renewal for my professional edition license, but it might take a little so wanted to check here as well. :grimacing:

Hope the Support renewal comes through pretty quickly, 'cause for issues involving stack traces, it's always good to open up a support ticket, so engineers that re-trace your steps and troubleshoot.

I'm assuming that you have a step in your Workbook that publishes the result set to Local Storage, yes?

You're not trying to run your Workbook on Toad Intelligence Central, by chance, are you?
(e.g. you've published the Workbook to TIC).
If so, TIC won't find your Local Storage because it's on your workstation, not on the TIC server.

If not that, can you access your Local Storage successfully (say, in the TDP Classic UI) and save data there OK?

Hoping to add that step, yes. I never remember trying with the Classic UI, but it looks like useful functionality.

The connection settings to 'Local Storage Connection' are all greyed out in the Classic UI, so maybe that's a clue.

It looks like purchasing may go through today. As soon as it does, I'll open a support ticket.

The connection settings for your Local Storage connector always appear grayed out, as this connector is managed solely by TDP, so that's normal.

What isn't normal is if you can't connect successfully to it. Can you double-click the Local Storage entry in the Navigation Manager? Or Right-click-Connect?

If you can't connect, then it typically means that somehow the Local Storage got corrupted (rare case).

Both double click and right-click-Connect result in:
MySQL Database Error
The requested address in not valid in its context

OK, then yes, this is the problem. As soon as you get your Support ID, best to go through Support.

However, if this is urgent, I scoured the Knowledge Base articles and a few popped up that look like it's relevant to your case... here's one that has the most info which you might find useful:

Great, thanks! I'm going to connect my local IT to this topic. They will be the ones checking my system settings for compliance and making any necessary changes. Hopefully, whatever they and support determine will be more broadly applicable to other users in our agency.

FYI, this was finally resolved by removing .../AppData/Roaming/Quest Software/, .../AppData/Local/Quest/ and .../AppData/Local/Quest Software/* Prior to starting TDP.