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Workbook results not showing

Hi, I'm running TDP Workbook My query was working fine the past few days but when I open and run it today, instead of the normal results, I'm getting a giant orange X instead. See image below. The pivots however seem to be fine. Just need the results to show as normal.


There have been known issues in the past with these same symptoms... some are due to insufficient memory, and others because of various other reasons. You may be hitting a known issue for your specific version of TDP... see for ex. here:

Regardless, I would upgrade and see if the latest TDP version takes care of this. We'll cross our fingers.

Gary, I upgraded to latest version but still getting the big orange X in results. What should I try next?


i would definitely open up a ticket with our Support group. Support needs to document it, and they may have seen the issue before with other users and just not yet documented the fix in their knowledge base.

Thanks Gary, will do.

Thanks, Steve... I know I've gotten those Xs once in the past, and it had to do with (if i recall correctly) a corrupt local storage. Best to get Support in on this.