TDP workbook hanging

Running TDP workbook 5.05.61, I have a rather large workbook with 9 pivots that hangs intermittently. Sometimes it works fine when I refresh the data and update all the pivots and sometimes it hangs and TDP becomes totally unresponsive. Below is a snapshot of the background processes running when it hangs:


Is it possible for someone to do a remote session with me so I can demo this issue in order to help you troubleshoot?

Hi Steve,
how large is the workbook file (in MB)? Do you include data when saving?


Hi Dan, the workbook in question is 231k. I believe the data is being saved because it’s less than 50,000 rows.


Try downloading this pre-release of TDP 5.0.6 and see if it behaves better. We did a lot of optimization in this version.

Debbie, I installed the 5.0.6 pre-release and workbook no longer seems to be hanging when pivots are being refreshed. Also the pivots seem to be loading much

I also noticed that QAT-14608 and QAT-14705 appear to be resolved, but QAT-14837 isn’t yet.


That is correct QAT-14837 is not in it is coded but is in testing and will be in TDP 5.0.7