Workspace and SB LHS Quick filter

Loading a saved workspace doesn't restore SB LHS quick filter. Can you change this behavior? I'm using dropdown style SB.

Thank you.

I'll take a look tomorrow. I've stopped for the day. You probably know this, but you can right-click in the quick filter box to quickly restore a prior filter

Yes, that's the same what I did.
The workspace was a quite complex one and I used more than one SB. I restored the filters manually.

It would be easy to add. Is there anything else you'd like in there related to schema browser, while I'm at it? Maybe active RHS tab?

I'll be happy if you can do it. Thanks.


I've found an other issue with Workspaces. I have an Editor with a coupe of opened tabs (PL/SQL object sources saved to disk files and simple SQL editors).

After reload the Workspace the last assigned Desktop layer doesn't restore at all to the PL/SQL tabs. Toad shows Desktop style as PL/SQL on the toolbar, but the layer become to the default SQL style (panel Messages, Data grid, Trace,... are visibles).

The PL/SQL object types have .sql extensions, if that matters.

update#1: this happens only in the 14.1 beta. The 14.0 can restore the desktop style in the Workspace.

This will be fixed in the first beta of the next release.