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I admit I’m not a big fan of working on workspaces, maybe it’s because I usually manage a lot of entities but…
Anyway, in the concurrent product that actually I’m still using (but at this point I can say that I will switch to TDM… ) I can generate a relation from model explorer… I mean: as you in TDM can right click “Entities” in treeview and select Create from popup menu, in that product you can right click “Relationships” and create a new relationship, completely from code. Then, if the two entities are both in workspace, the graphical link line is generated also. Personally, I find this really useful…

Hello Roberto,

Thanks for your suggestion.

Let us ask you the following questions.

Let’s say you right-click the Relationships item in Model Explorer and select Create:

  • which two entities should the relationship connect?
  • if e.g. first two entities randomly, would it be O.K. for you? - Probably you will have to re-arrange the relationship, which means you will have to open Designer and make manual changes.
  • should a pop-up dialog display? (Or some kind of dialog where you will be able to select the two entities.)

In any case, please write us which product allows you to do it. We’d appreciate to see how it works to better understand your request.


Vladka + TDM Team

Hello, Vladka

thanks for your interest.

yes, software shows a popup dialog where you can choose from combobox both tables involved, then in another tab fields, then in another tab cardinality and other constraint rules.
When popups appear, no tables are selected, so nothing is randomly generated, and relationship is generated (and connection in diagram) only when you press apply button… so nothing to rearrange.

I’ve taken the freedom to send you at the email I’ve previously used to get in touch with you a .doc I’ve prepared with some screenshots of how it works…

thanks again!

Hello Roberto,

Thanks for the details and your email with screenshots. Our developers will have a look at it. I’ll let you know then.

Thanks again for your great co-operation!


Vladka + TDM Team


if you need more detail, please feel free to ask…