Workspace Export


I would like to transfer my workspaces to different computer. I know workspace file exists in the installation directory (*.wsf) but it does not contain passwords to the connection strings. Can someone tell me where these files are located in windows 2000 / XP or how i can transfer this info along with my workspace file.

Im using SQL Nav version


As i know logon passwords are stored in registry:
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Quest Software\SQL Navigator x.x.x\Logon Passwords]
I think you should export and import these reg keys.

Regards Piter


You can try copying the workspace files from c:\programfiles\Quest Software\SQL Navigator 4.4 folder and try to copy manually to the other pc where you intend to install the sqlnavigator in the same location then it should work as expected , when you browse for the appropriate workspace.For the passowrd stuff you can follow the peter’s post.Just export from the registry and import it.When you do export and import please close SQLNAV and re launch after import.


Thanks alot. That worked! :smiley: