Show Workspace - Can't see window

Hello all, when I click on the show workspace icon the window with my objects in it doesn’t display.

I guess its hidden or I can’t put focus on it since it’s off the screen.

Is there a way to make it visable again?



Hi Steve,

What version number of SQL Navigator are you using?
I'm assuming you are using an older version (~4.5) as the newer versions no longer refer to a Workspace, they now use the Project Manager.

If you are using the 4X version...
If you refer to the attached picture, it will show you the registry key that stores the position of the workspace window.
If you close SQL Nav and delete this key, the next time you start Nav, the workspace window should revert to its default position.

If this key is not causing the problem, deleting it will not cause any problems to the application. It will be recreated when Nav is closed down.

Jaime , i’m running 5.0 . Looks like I fat fingered the regedit.

I deleted some entries under Docking Windows/Layout0 (looks like 01,02 etc…) and now I get an
error of 0x0eedfade when I click the Workspace Icon

Any Idea what the heck I messed up?


Hi Steve,

Somehow the registry entries keeping info of the dockable windows corrupted.

I would suggest that you do the following:

  • Shutdown SQL Nav if you have it running.
  • We need your fat finger again :-). Please delete ‘Docking Windows’ entry.
  • Restart SQL Nav again. It will give you back the default Dockable window layout and you will be able see the all the dockable windows including the Workspace.

Please let us know how it goes.


Thanks Bruce , that did the trick


Thanks Steve for the updates. Glad to hear that you got your Output window back :-).


Bruce one more question. I see that there is a points system for this forum. How do I reward the people when they answer my questions?



Hi Steve,

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Thanks and regards,

Thanks Bruce