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XML is now supported Question

In the release notes is has this line

“XML is now supported, including copying XML documents into new Editor tabs, formatting, XML document highlighting and saving to file”

I have tried copying an xml chunk into the editor and it doesn’t do anything. Am i missing something obvious here or have I just completely misunderstood what this does?



Hi Tim,

This feature is about Result Set: Toad recognizes XML result set if you have used let’s say FOR XML AUTO and displays poor XML instead of datagrid.

Can you please let me know what exactly you are doing and what you want to accomplish with Toad?

“…including copying XML documents into new Editor tabs, formatting…”.

I presumed this mean that you could copy an xml document into the editor and it would format it, so a chunk like this…


Would be formatted


But I see its just the result sets that allow colour coding etc