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Launch XML editor from query results

I was wondering if it is possible to launch an XML editor from the results of a query when the data type returned is XML.

Does anyone know of a way to do this.


No this is not something we have requests for.

I am interested in your use case of XML. What type of data is being stored in this format and what do you need to accomplish with data?


Large strings of XML data. I wanted an easy way to view the XML without having to copy to clipboard and paste into an XML editor.

We have a viwer for blobs that displays images, Hex, UTF-19, etc. I suppose we could add an XML Viewer to that so you could view the xml in TDA. I entered CR86,016 for this. However, it won’t make it into TDA 3.0. But we will give it a try in another release.


have you tried using liquid xml editor, it might work.
You can get it here;