10.1 Save Grid Layouts not working

Hi folks,


The Save Layouts (Schema Browser/Data Tab) option does not seem to be working for me in this version.

If I drag a column into the gutter beside the row numbers (to fix it there), click on a different table in the LHS and then back to the first one, the column has jumped back to its original place.

Anyone else seeing this?

This was a fresh install of 10.0 with 10.1 patch applied.



Someone found this bug and it has been fixed - but I think the fix is for the
December patch.

If you go to User Files\, and create a folder named after the schema
that you are browsing in, it should start working.

Hi John,

Would this be anything to do with me using direct connections rather than TNS entries?

In my user files I already have

User Files<host><schema name>\

which is empty.

I created

User Files<service name><schema name>\

but this did not fix the problem.



Yup, the problem is direct connect. I’ll have it fixed in the
next beta.

Cheers John.