Toad World® Forums - ctrl- Enter issue

in this and a previous version Ctrl Enter just breaks a line instead of executing a statement.

in 12.12 it still works fine

I’ve tried a few different things and am unable to reproduce. My sample text…

select 1 from dual
select 2 from dual
n number;
select count(*) into n from user_tables;

No matter where I place the caret the proper select is executed. Please provide a sample and indicate if you’re using MDI mode or the new SDI mode (or a popped out Editor window).

You can also send me your user files offline. michaelstaszewskiquestcom



Michel I did send you my user files offline.

I noticed the same thing, but thought it was on purpose.
To my knowledge Ctrl_enter has been deprecated a long time ago in favor of F9.

I do use both interchangeably, but find F9 to be the more versatile tool
and would be willing to part with Ctrl-Enter.

Kind regards,
Abe Kornelis

Fixed in next beta.


Thnx Michael,

it works in latest beta (.16)