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Ctrl-Enter suddenly behaves as a normal Enter


This is pretty weird behaviour of Toad: I was working on a query, ran it a few times using Ctrl-Enter. Each run takes ca. 10 minutes, but that should be irrelevant.

Then I aborted a test after ca. 8 minutes to add two more result columns.

After changing the code, Ctrl-Enter no longer executes the code; rather it inserts a new-line - as if I had pressed in stead of Ctrl-Enter.

When I tried to display the support bundle to double check the Beta version, Toad went into a hang.

I’ll send the Toad.el file off-list.

Abe Kornelis.

After restarting Toad, I verified that I am using Beta 41. Also, Ctrl-Enter has resumed executing the block of code the cursor is in.



In trying to replicate this, I saw the same thing, however, what I found out was that I accidentally hit Shift+Enter, instead of Ctrl+Enter. I haven’t been able to replicate the Ctrl+Enter adding an extra line. Is it possible you hit the wrong key combination like I did?


I understand your concern. I must admit I have not paid extreme attention to the Ctrl/Shift issue. However, I did give it a try with the left Ctrl key in stead of the right-hand one. It seems unlikely that I would have hit Shift on that occasion as well.

If, however, you cannot reproduce, then maybe it is wisdom to archive the issue until it recurs? After all, a single incident is just an incident, isn’t it?