( Improper scaling of the dialog controls

Marginal issue...
When using two monitors with different scaling then the dialog box controls (check boxes and radios) are not scaled. Evidently they are always scaled at 100% regardless of the monitor it is displayed on.
The font is scaled perfectly fine and also checkboxes displayed in the grids are fine (e.g. in the Options dialog).

Example with Find dialog - when on the 100% screen:
Find 100%

.. then dragged to the other screen that is scaled at 125%:

This is the same in all dialogs: open connection, find/replace, options, etc.
Funny thing is that even the system dialog, e.g. Print Setup is affected but only when triggered by TOAD:
Dialogs - Print from TOAD
.. .but from the other application it is not (but some other scaling issue appears):
Dialogs - Print from the other Dialogs - Print from the other 2