Allow the Find/Replace windows to be resized

I'm having developers moving from machines to machines and they have different resolutions (i.e. working from home, then on a laptop and then in the office on a vm). This is causing the size of the find/replace windows to not always display the same size. At times not being able to select the buttons to find or replace. We found a fix to restart Toad and it will restore the window to the correct size.

Is there a reason these windows can not be made to be adjustable like the Object Search window?

Hi Chad,

First - what Toad version are you on?

To make sure I understand the problem:
Toad is running and find dialog is used. Great.
Display resolution changes
Find dialog is used again and buttons are unreachable, etc.

Is that right?

I'm thinking that a better solution would be that the dialog comes up the correct size in the first place, rather than you having to resize it.

Edit: I wasn't able to reproduce the problem, and if memory serves, you are on the latest version, so maybe my steps are wrong. Are you using the same instance of Toad through Remote Desktop from one machine, then from a different machine with different resolution?

Hi John! We are on

Yeah as developers change where they are working, either at home or on a laptop on in the office on a Vm, we are noticing that the find window doesn't always appear in the correct size. As far as the resolutions go, this is there trouble shooting the issue.

I've got a couple images that represent the issue.

MicrosoftTeams-image (7)
MicrosoftTeams-image (6)

They allegedly, keep getting smaller.

I've been trying to reproduce this by:

  1. Install Toad on a remote server that I connect to with RDP
  2. Run Toad via RDP. Do a find (leave find open? close it?)
  3. disconnect. Change my display resolution and reconnect
  4. everything seems ok.

Judging by your screen shot, it doesn't seem like a scaling problem, because the controls still seem appropriately sized. It's just the form dimensions that seem to be shrinking. Weird. I can make the dialog resizable since I don't have a better solution, and it seems like that would solve it.

Thanks! It's an odd one.