Dark Mode Issue

I just had the latest Toad Beta throw an error and when I went to look at the Error Info I noticed a bit of text that was hard to read:

It is not something the typical user will ever see, can be prioritized really low.

Thanks Michael.

So....can you reproduce the original error? I care more about that.

I just looked at the help for Support bundles and it implies there is an option to send it via email once pulled up, but I do not see that:


Where is the option mentioned below?


As for the error, I am having issues with the UNDO TableSpace filling up on one of my instances. I am not sure what triggered the initial error in Toad, but I was flipping between the RHS tabs in the Tablespaces Tab.


I just got another error when going from Space to Objects:


I will restart Toad in a bit and see if I can make it happen again.

Those options on the Support Bundle window are visible in the GA versions, but not beta.

Thanks for the bug details. I'll try to reproduce it later today.

I restarted Toad Beta, logged into a single instance which I have setup to open a SB and Editor window. I went to Database/Administer/Tablespaces. I was flipping through the tabs and hitting refresh after I went to each tab, then went back to Objects and hit refresh, then got the error. When on the Space History and IO History tabs, I selected UNDO_A (my UNDO Tablespace). I do have the Toad Space Manager tables installed in the TOAD schema on the DB. I am not logging in with that user for this test. Let me know if you need additional info.

I was also able to generate the error in 15.1. I created Service Request # 5033494 then went back to Toad and generated a Support Bundle. I do get the option for Email Support there, once I click on it I get a popup saying I need a Case ID or SR so I selected SR and pasted the number. I then clicked "Create Email". The Popup goes away, but an Outlook email was not generated for me to send, does the process generate and send the email in the background? I checked the SR after a few min and it was not updated with the SB, I assume this is an automated process. I then manually uploaded the Support Bundle.

Does anything specific need to be setup in Toad to send the SB via the "Email Support" option?

I am not familiar with that code, someone else wrote it. I just glanced at it.


It looks like it should send in the background using the MapiSendMail Windows API, and give an error if it fails.