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The better a problem is described, the better the assistance tends to be.
In order to better assist with your issue at hand, please include the following information in your initial post.

  •      Product, Version, and relevant environment details.
  •      Include a screenshot of the problem
  •      Describe the problem fully. What result was expected?
  •      Can the issue be created on demand or is it intermittent?
  •      If the problem can be generated faithfully, what are the exact steps to recreate the problem?
  •      Any other pertinent information (see below)

How to create Support Bundles

The support bundle window provides information about several aspects of your Oracle and Toad setups. In addition, the Support Bundle lets you easily report problems to our peer-to-peer mailing lists or directly to Support.
If Toad itself fails, the Error dialog box displays. This type of an error creates a log, saved as toad.elf. This Eureka LogFile (.elf) contains both the application information and the callstack of the error created, and can be very helpful to Support in solving issues you are having with Toad.

To create a support bundle:

Select Help | Support Bundle.

Review the following for additional information:

Email Quest Support

This opens the “Email Quest Support” window with instructions and links to contact Support, and to open a new case or service request.

Quest Web Support

This opens Quest Software’s award-winning Support portal in your default browser, with access to Licensing Assistance, the searchable Knowledge Base, product downloads and more.

Attach TOAD.INI (or SQL Tuning Support details) to emails

If selected, this attaches the details to any email sent through the support bundle, whether it is to the peer-to-peer Toad list or to Support.

*Note: Please refrain from including private data in your posts. Be as thorough as you can with the provided info. We will reply to you as quick as possible. We are glad to assist you.

Release Information:

Here are some key links:

(Release Notes includes latest release enhancements; Installation Guide includes pre-requisites; Getting Started includes product features)

The Support Knowledge Base includes Videos, Tutorials, and other information intended to help users.

Feel free to browse the knowledge base articles. Remember to sign in to your account to view.