[17.1.417] Editor windows are assigned to wrong connection after Restart

I have just updated to the latest beta version. The "Auto save/load workpsace" option is active.
However, after automatically loading the workspace, some editor windows are assigned to the wrong connection.
The option "Toolbar/Menus - Toolbars - Window Bar - current connection only" is also active.
For example, the first connection has two editor windows, each of which belongs to a different connection that has also been restored.

I'm trying to repeat this but not having any luck.

I tried with 4 connections, each having 2 editors and no other windows, and the Current connection only option checked.

Do any of the connections not have any windows? Are there any editors that are supposed to be connectionless? Any other details you can give me?

I have just installed the 437 and the problem has not recurred.

All connections had at least one schema browser open. And there were no connectionless editor windows either.

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