17.x - Export Dataset to Excel File chooses .XLS extension if none specified

I'm not sure how long this has been an issue, but a co-worker pointed out with 17.0 (confirmed in 17.1 beta) that if you Export Dataset on a data grid and choose "Excel File" as the format and then remove the suggested ".xlsx" extension from the file name, TOAD will default to ".xls". This causes Excel to open the resulting file in Compatibility Mode. Could the default file extension be updated to ".xlsx" from ".xls" if removed from the file name by the user?



I've logged this so I don't forget about it. I agree. The default should be xlsx. I think normally it is, but maybe some condition can cause that to change.

In View, Toad Options go to Files and Folders, select Files.
Add a new Type, Name it Excel, in this order put this: *.xlsx; *.xls

That's a semi-colon between the extensions.

I know Toad already knows about Excel, but I think this puts a priority to the extension.
I am not absolutely sure, but this worked for me.

Thanks Frank. It didn't seem to change for me after adding that new Type. It still tries to default to .xls if you don't specify an extension.

This will be fixed for next beta. There isn't any workaround that I can see other than just making sure that the file extension is already specified.

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