File extension in Toad automation designer

Hi all,
I want to schedule a export dataset and send email app. The preferred file extension is xlsx. The outputs are normally around 50k rows. But even I put it in zip, it’s still around 36 MB and not able to be sent out.
Therefore I can only change the file extension to csv which reduced the file size to 24 MB ( can be sent out without a problem).

The problem is, once I change the file extension in this app, I notice the file extension in other apps also change to csv. Is this a bug? (I’m using Toad 17.)


Hi Irene,

Please give exact steps to to so that we can try to reproduce the issue that you are seeing of other apps changing to CSV after you change one of them. Screen shots help too. If we can reproduce that, we will fix it.


Hi John,
Thank you for your prompt response as usual.
I tried to export this specific dataset to CSV.
But I noticed even I hit apply, after I reopened the export dataset properties, it still went back to original setting xlsx extension.

I need to change the extension to csv and hit run immediately to get the file exported as csv(also for future dataset export).

However, other apps' exported file settings also become CSV.

(please ignore the typo)

If there's a way to send file over 30 MB please also let me know. I'd prefer xlsx as file extension.
Thank you!


Since Excel Files can have multiple acceptable extensions (XLS and XLSX), Toad remembers the last one used. I see what you mean about it changing other actions. That is a bug and I will fix it.

If you want to export to CSV export, then you should choose the "Delimited Text" format at the top instead of "Excel File". When you use a CSV file extension with the Excel File format, Toad is actually creating an XLS binary file that just happens to have a CSV extension, as opposed to a real CSV file. So there's another bug. They will both be fixed in the next beta, and in Toad version 17.1.

Regarding emailing of large files:

  1. You'll probably get much better compression by zipping a CSV file that is exported to Delimited Text than you will one that is exported to Excel File.
  2. Email attachment size limitations have nothing to do with Toad. This is a limitation of either your company or email provider.
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Hi John,
Thank you for your detailed explanation!
I will use Delimited Text format instead.