not saving window size/position


What would really be cool is if the window position/size could be locked and not automatically updated every time TOAD closes, if a setting is checked to "lock window position."

That way, I CAN run TOAD on my laptop screen and close it from there without it messing up the position I want when I'm connected back to my 4k monitor. And if I want/need to alter the preferred position, I would just have to uncheck the setting and close TOAD in the new location, then re-check the setting when I get back in TOAD. Sounds a little cumbersome, but would be worth it to me. I hate when TOAD loses its size/position. :frowning:

I'm not sure that's even doable, but I'm sure that if it is, YOU DA MAN that could make it happen!

Well, that's totally doable but it's also how we've ended up with 800 options.

I think I'm going to need to hear more people say that want that before I add it.

Haha, I totally get it. If you can at least get back to where it was, that would be great.


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John, Confirming that this behavior (in is back to what it was previously, in 17.1 and prior (working correctly).

I'm curious what your code change was trying to achieve.


The code was attempting to determine if the saved window size and position coordinates would result in any part of the window being off-screen. If it didn't fit completely on a display, then we resized the window to be "almost maximized".

There must have been something in there that didn't handle your display arrangement properly. I tried to reproduce it but was never able to. :man_shrugging: It's not that big of a deal I guess. So I just rolled back to the old code. Now, as long as the top/center of the window to be restored is visible on any display, we'll show it. Otherwise, we revert to default size/position.

Did your code not know that TOAD was trying to start on a 4k monitor? If not, that would definitely fail your check.

Yeah I checked that. I tested a mix of 4k and non-4k displays, set to various scalings.