Window sizing and popup position issues


I'm having issues regarding the size of Toad form windows and where they popup.
For example,

  1. For a while the Open File dialog kept opening very top left, even when I moved it. It now remembers where I last opened it, but I can see it physically jumping from top left on opening.

  2. The Describe Objects form (F4 on object) is sometimes (not always and I haven't sussed the pattern) opening completely minimized bottom left, with no restore option, only Minimize / Maximize, which isn't useful because I am trying to compare with some code underneath, and once maximized, it doesn't have a restore option either. So I have to manually resize the minimized window .


  1. I can't reproduce this one but I'll keep an eye out for it.

  2. Are you using windows 11? I see this on Win11 but not 10. I don't know why this happens but in Toad 16.2, you can use the "Window" menu in Toad to restore a minimized describe window. Another workaround (For any Toad/Windows version) is to right-click the minimized window (anywhere except the X), then a menu pops up and you can choose "Restore"

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