4.3 connection to Google Analytics Auth Error

I am trying to add a google analytics connection and I am receiving the following Auth error.

First I get a script error

Then if I hit yes or no -I get an Authorization Error 400 Invalid_request.

I need to be able to connect.

This is the second error

Not a Google Analytics expert, personally (other users please chime in, if so) but first thing's first... if the title of your post implies that you are using TDP 4.3 version, then I would strongly suggest upgrading to the latest version (6.0.x) from the Quest Support site. 4.3 is a very old version (7-8 years?) and there have been many enhancements to the product since 4.3.

I did scour the Support knowledge base for you, but didn't find anything related to your connection error. If you're certain that you have the correct credentials for your Google Analytics source (check with the admin) then I would recommend opening a support ticket with Quest Support If you're still getting the same error after upgrading.

Thanks I will try the update first.