Toad data modeler does not load.

Well, this is surprising, When starting the modeler, it provided those error messages I reported on this forum in the form of message boxes, then the modeler dies. No gui, nothing in task manager, nothing. It just dies.

I am attempting to uninstall it and reinstall the older version until this is fixed.

The version is back installed, it still contains the user package error and will not allow me to do anything such as DDL generation (these bugs/errors have been reported).

So I decided to see if the modeler uninstalls clean, or if I have to do some registry hacks to fix these errors … Thus, I uninstalled the old version and took a look at the registry, files and directories …

The registry is fine, but the uninstaller does not delete the folders and all the files. There are three places where files and folders are left on the hard drive… Also include two additional directories per user on that computer … since I needed to do a uninstall, I had to delete those … Just something to look into, I suppose.

So I deleted the above as they are not needed, and did a reinstall of the 3.0 version …

And that was the problem. The uninstaller does not completely uninstalls everything, thus breaks all Modeler installations afterwards.

I am now going to run the uninstaller again, please actually uninstall manually, and try to install the new version … again.

The new version is working properly now … it’s that uninstaller that has the major bugs/errors. I bet once you guys fix that, then these problems will go away …

Hello Shannara,

Thanks for all your post.
A few general remarks:

  1. For each new release, the Installation Guide document is available. (Please find it attached.) Uninstall of previous version is recommended.
    I recommend to read this document to be also informed on default directories of TDM3. (Please see the second part of the doc.) You will learn what directories remain preserved after uninstall. So, for full uninstall, you have to delete also these.
  2. TDM3 uses .MSI, which is Microsoft Installer.
  3. There are several ways how to uninstall TDM3, e.g.:
  • launch MSI and select to remove the software,
  • via Add or remove programs,
  • via Start menu | Programs.

I hope you will find the information helpful.
I’m happy to hear that you finally managed to install TDM3 and that it works fine now.
Nevertheless, I’d like to say that I’ve checked out the install process and found no trouble.
From your post, I suppose you did not uninstall previous version first. - So, I did not do it either. I had v. 3.0.13 and ran install of v. 3.1.5. I went through the steps in the install wizard and launched the install process, reading the messages appearing during the install. - Firstly, the old version was being removed and then the new version was being installed. In other words, current TDM version was updated during the install process automatically. TDM v. 3.1.5 launched properly then, no problem occured.

Now, I’ll check out your other post and will try to reply.



TDM3_Installation_Guide.pdf (70.2 KB)