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Access violations

Lately everytime I have tried to import into a table I get the following error message. I am on TOAD version Since the error message is erroneous, I don’t know if I have a file problem or if TOAD has a problem with using computer memory. Since I have 16gig ram, and a 64bit microsoft operating system, I shouldn’t be seeing memory problems. Unless TOAD and Microsoft are using the same memory. sigh…help this is frustrating.

When I am in import, these are the steps, I’m able to browse the file, (text type btw) then set up the text file details (delimited other ~), specify source data details First row 2 everything else left as default

Access violation at address 0000000005C66066 in module ‘Toad.exe’. Read of address 000000000E8A0000

then I click on ok and next again and can get the Preview file Define Fields…which is showing a blank above line 1 and usually shows the line that I’m skipping. verify mappings, leave as default, preview results (line above line 1 blank when it usually shows the header)

Trying to continue I get:

Access violation at address 0000000005C66066 in module ‘Toad.exe’. Read of address 000000000E8A1000

same message…Do I need to re-install TOAD?

Re-installing isn’t going to fix anything, so don’t bother with that. I did recently fix a problem that sounds very similar to this - you might want to try it in the next beta (one should be announced in the next day or two in the beta forum).

In the meantime, if you want to email your text file (just however much is necessary to repeat the error) and table DDL, I’ll be happy to take a look at it. Send to


Also one other point. Having a 64-bit Windows OS does not mean apps can use 16 GB of memory - the apps must be 64-bit apps. So you must be running 64-bit version of toad and have the 64-bit version of Oracle client installed - and then you can access more than the 4 GB memory limit of 32-bit OS and apps. You may already know this - but I a am stating the obvious for other who may have read this post and not realized these other aspects …