Access Violation in QP5.DLL during reformat


I’m currently on Toad

While reformatting (Ctrl-Shift-F) Toad encountered an access violation in QP5.DLL.

Here’s the popup I got:

And this is the errorlog:

Strange thing is: the last change date on the file is quite old (July, 15th, rather than August, 12th).
Is there a way to double-check the directory Toad is using for the error-log file?

Kind regards,
Abe Kornelis

Addition: I just retried and now the same code reformats ok. Must have been something with prior actions. (I did some heavy code mongery before the issue popped up).

So I’m sorry, the issue does not reproduce…

Kind regards,

Hello Abe,

The info in the error log is not related to the access violation indeed. I’ll try to figure out using the address you gave me.


I’d get on the latest beta too. There’s a known AV in QP5.dll that was just fixed in in case that’s what you ran into.

Ok, thanks. 0.17 was released today?

I restarted Toad, but the automatic version check did not throw any pop-up…

Whichever way, I’m now on
If the issue recurs, be sure I’ll inform you.

Kind regards, and have a nice weekend!