Access Violation Error while importing PDF file into BLOB column

Hi All,

Getting below exception when i try to import a 56 mb pdf file into a column of BLOB type.

Access violation at address 0000000004197037 in module 'Toad.exe'. Read of address 0000000001185F22

Toad Version:
Oracle Version:

Can some one suggest, what can be done to resolve the issue.


Hi Srinivas,

I just tested this and can reproduce the problem. It appears that Toad version 12.9 throws that error when you attempt to edit any BLOB in a grid in Toad. It doesn't have to be a large PDF file. There is no workaround that I'm aware of.

I also tested in Toad version 12.10 and the most recent version 13.3, and those two have no errors. I recommend you update to version 13.3.


Hi John,

Thanks for your reply.

As suggested, after updating to 13.3 version, i don't see this error anymore. one observation though. Toad gets hang for sometime, i have to increase the priority from the task manager and leave it for few minutes in order for the transaction to commit successfully.

is there any other config change (like memory or something) that can be done to ensure toad doesn't hang?


It's a big file to push to the server. Are you sure you really had to increase task manager priority? I don't think that will speed this up.

There may be some sqlnet adjustment that you can make, but I don't think there is any setting in Toad for this.