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Window menu item format different for current window


In (and likely earlier), I've noticed that the current window listed in the Window menu has a different format, with the connection info missing. I fired up 13.3 GA to verify that it has indeed changed.

Been super busy this year, so I may have missed the change. I'm not sure why (other than I'm picky and/or old), but I have to stop and verify the connection I'm on whenever I switch windows. And since I frequently have several connections opened concurrently, it's oddly jolting.

I don't suppose there's an option for that...because Toad doesn't have enough options already. :wink:


You know there is an option.

Options -> Windows. "Window Captions" on the RHS should do it.

I did check that -- mine's set to "User@Database". If I set it to "No Connection Info", all of the items in the Window drop down lose their connection info in the description. If I set it back to "User@Database", all items again have the connection info, except the current window.

This could be just me. I'm having that kind of a year today...


Oh, I see that. If you un-maximize the current window, you'll see the connection come back.

I'll take a closer look next week. Thanks.