After create in another schema wrong schema tab is rendered active


when I use create objects in another schema to create something in another database the connection tab of the destination database gets activated after processing. But still the contents of the source connection is shown below. This can be very scary for somebody who does not know that behavior as they think that they have transfered objects in the wrong direction.

This is a behavior that exist since several Toad Versions and still in

See screenshots:

Would be nice to see this fixed some time.

BR Nicola

If the dev team does not take this up, then suggest putting on the idea pond so other users can vote on it and thus get it prioritized. That’s often the best way to get something you feel has been “broken” for a while to get fixed. But wait and see if anyone on dev team first says they agree and can maybe fix it sooner.

This doesn't seem like a bug to me. We run a script in the target connection, and during that time, and until you do something that makes it change back, that connection is selected as "Active" in connections toolbar.

But still the contents of the source connection is shown below.

Are you saying that we should switch the schema browser to the target connection when you run the script? I think many users would be annoyed by that.

Maybe a better change would be to switch the active session back to the source as soon as the script execution is complete....but....

The 'create objects in another schema' dialog does indicate the source and target database, and as soon as you close the dialog and click back in the Schema Browser, the source database is again selected as active.

switch the active session back to the source as soon as the script execution is complete

After a conversation with Bert and some thought, I think we should return the active connection to the source connection after script execution is complete, so this will be done in the next build.

In the meantime, to avoid the situation, make the connection to the target database from the "create objects in another schema" dialog. Don't have the target connection already made when the window opens. If the target connection is made from the "copy to another schema" dialog, it will be closed after the script is executed.

I think the target connection tab should not be set as active during execution of the script. It should behave in the same way as “copy data to another schema”.

If it is not possible to not change it at all at least it should change back after processing of the script. Currently the target connection even stays active after closing the dialog. As you already said only after clicking in the schema browser it switches back.

I saw a lot of people (including me) that thought they had copied something in the wrong direction because Toad switched the target connection as active. This can be scary :wink:

Just my opinion…

Sounds good. Thanks!