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Alter user screen always changes default tablespaces to first in list



In (and before), altering a user through the Alter User screen always sets the user’s default tablespaces to the first ones in the lists, even if the tablespace tab/screen was not visited.

In the SB, I select a user from the LHS user tab and then the “Alter User” button on the LHS. Change something simple like the “Account is Locked” checkbox and hit the “Show SQL” button. Toad wants to change the tablespaces as well. The tablespaces in my case appear to be alphabetically first in the dropdown list on the tablespaces tab of the Alter User screen, even though I didn’t go into that one.

The workaround is to grab the SQL from the “Show SQL”, drop it into the Editor and remove the tablespace change.

This works correctly in GA.




Hey Rich, I can’t reproduce this. I tried on a DBA-type user that has unlimited tablespace, a user with quota on their default tablespace, and a user with no quota on any tablespace.

Can you give me any more details about your user? Does the user’s default tablespace still exist?