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Analyze Objects makes new DB connection to wrong DB


In beta, I have one connection opened to database "A". In the SB, I click on the "Analyze Objects" button. In the Analyze Objects window, it's connected to database "B", which was not previously connected.

While I can change the connection in the window, the new connection is unexpected and not to the same DB as the current one.

Repeatable for me 100% of the time. Thoughts?



I see that. Thanks.

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For what it's worth:

It's opening the last used connection by that window. So if the window opens on wrong connection, just change it, then do whatever you want to do in there, then next time it will be on that connection.

Unfortunately, it's too late to fix for 13.2, but I'll have it fixed in beta as soon the betas start up again.

With an easy workaround in place, that sounds like a plan.

Thanks, John!