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Any way to turn off mouse pointer flashing?

When I run just about any query, the mouse pointer rapidly changes between the I-bar pointer and the “busy” pointer (hourglass or blue circle).

First of all, it’s very annoying and hurts my eyes.

Second of all, it prevents me from being able to do anything else in toad, which is the whole point of the “execute queries in threads” option. (The same thing happens without that option checked, by the way.)

FYI, I have Toad for Oracle Pro v11.0.0.116.

There are some queries where the mouse pointer is normal, and others where it flashes goes crazy. I haven’t found a pattern for which queries have which result.

It’s not just when running queries from the editor. Other places in toad (like the schema browser) cause the mouse to flash between 2 different pointers, giving me a headache.

FYI, I have Windows 7 Pro.

Turn off Interval polling in the DBMS Output or set it to 10 seconds or something.