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Flashing mouse Cursor Icon

How do i stop the Editor window mouse cursor icon from constantly alternating between an I-beam icon and a thick blue circle icon. it is soooo distracting!

Welcome back.

If you can let us know if you see a patter that is causing this, or can outline the steps used to re-create this issue, that would be most ideal.

Otherwise, this most likely has more to do with your Windows cursor settings and what is running in the background on your workstation. Toad doesn't use an I-beam cursor (using a vertical bar instead) nor does it use the circular "busy" icons.

Check your windows mouse properties...


I don't experience this in other applications. It's uniquely a Toad issue. Yes it's the toggling the Mouse icon based on the Windows Setting. As a temporary hack i set the Windows setting Busy icon to be the same pointer so that I won't see it toggling but i'm guessing that this means that i won't see the busy icon in other apps either.

The above hack only mitigates the distraction issue. When the busy icon comes on it actually prevents me from doing stuff in Toad; so it truly is busy doing something. So i still have this issue affecting my productivity. Again, only in Toad.

Re "Toad doesn't use an I-beam cursor (using a vertical bar ", it uses whatever i assign in Windows settings so i can't make sense of your comment. I suspect that Toad is the one doing a lot of background stuff (verifying connections? seeing whether what's under the mouse pointer warrants a syntax check, etc. ). Btw Toad needs spell-checking functionality. It's a pain to have to switch to Notepad to spell-check my inline code comments.