[17.1.397] Icon in the taskbar "flashes" when switching windows

A restart of Toad has no effect.

Bildschirmaufnahme 2023-12-01 um 13.49.01.mov

Hi Dirk,

When color schemes were first introduced, window switching was really slow. Finally I discovered some tricks to make it faster, but this is an unfortunate side effect. It only happens when windows inside of Toad are maximized. If you turn off color schemes or unmaximize your windows, that flicker will go away. I don't see any other resolution to this any time soon, but it is possible that next time we update our development environment and/or 3rd party toolbar components this will be fixed. That will probably happen sometime in January.


Hmm, color schemes is already turned off:

Bildschirmfoto 2023-12-11 um 07.28.38

But to be honest, that's no big deal either.

But perhaps the fact that the icon flickers even when color schemes is turned off is an indication that a check is missing somewhere. :wink: