Apparent Focus Bug in Login Window

In Toad 17.0.341.1977, there is a curious bug in the behavior of the login window. Here is what I did:

  1. Changed the alias of a previous connection. Just typed a new alias and hit Enter.
  2. Selected a new database in the panel on the right using just the Database dropdown in the TNS tab.
  3. Clicked Connect.

The result is that a connection is made to the database in the grid that was changed instead of the database identified in the panel. This just looks like a focus issue. After changing the connection alias in the grid, the focus remains on the entry in the grid instead of the panel on the right after changing the Database. Clicking Connect goes to the grid database because it is still in focus despite the change of Database on the right.


I can reproduce, so yes, appears to be a focus issue... you can actually see the Database Field's value change to the LHS-focused database right after you click Connect.

I would imagine myself (at least) wanting to double-click the LHS Database entry to connect to my desired target vs. doing it by changing the RHS. I only use the RHS to define my credentials for each connection. Regardless, I can see a valid use case here, as I may want to change a bunch of aliases for various connections, and then use the RHS to connect to my database of choice.

I'll let the Quest Dev team give their opinion here.

Thank you sir. Yeah, it just happens to be the way some of us use that window.


Yup, understood... we'll let Dev chime in here...

It's a bug. I'll have it fixed for next beta.

Workaround: Instead of ENTER after editing the alias (or after hitting ENTER if you prefer), click on another row in the grid before clicking on the RHS controls. This will post your alias change to the underlying dataset.

The problem is that we were posting to the dataset when you hit CONNECT, which updated the RHS controls with the selected grid row, and then that's what you connected to. I'll make a change so that it posts as soon as focus leaves the grid.