Application data directory changes will not stick

I have an environment with 4 Citrix servers hosting 16.3 x64 and the roaming profiles are flakey at normally inconvenient times. Toad responds with anything from a complete reset to mixed bag of lost stuff (connections, options, menu tailoring). In the past I flipped the application data directory to a personal user network drive. Now changes will not save in the app. I manually edited the roaming SettingsLocations.ini to use "AppData=H:\Toad for Oracle\16.3" and after a restart with wiped settings followed by a restored user settings it appears to stick on this box. I'm not sure if/when my profile will propagate to the other servers. Is the ability to change this in the app a bug? Another annoying random side issue is the loss of menu configuration when I don't lose other stuff. Restores save me without much pain, but any insight on why or how to prevent this loss would be nice.


Hi Chuck,

Whatever you set here should make it it into SettingsLocations.ini. If it does not, yeah I'd say that's a bug.

I don't know a lot about the inner workings of Citrix. I just know that it tends to wipe out the AppData\Roaming folder when you log off. Since SettingsLocations.ini is under there, that gets wiped too, right?

I think others have solved this by coming up with batch files to save/restore this folder on logoff/login, but I don't know the details of that either.